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We encourage gifts of general support as well as artist sponsorships; artist sponsorship funds are administered by The 418 Project to support all our artists and our artist focused mission.

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$50,000+ Level
Margo Chisholm
Gabrielle & Kenneth Adelman

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David Walter

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Beverly Chang-Molina
John Hedley
Mark Schneider
Laura Bishop
Beatriz Ehrenfried
Jon Neff (Hawk)
Ross Levoy
George Newell
Ben Salzman

$500+ Level
Andrea Rosenfield
Michelle Hoffman
Abby Pistoni
Laura Kreuger
Brittany Stolting
Val Leoffler
Peter Weng
Karen Mehringer

Stan Grindstaff

$100+ Level
Edward Shanken, Andrew Purchin, Kyle Stewart, Kelsey Schwind, Angela Blessing, Heather Walker, David Walker, Brian Tierney, Rocque Ern, Nancy Tedder, Jack Catton, Charlotte Liest, Mark Enache, Rebecca Bergstrom, De Silva Suran, Marc Liebhold, Jamshid Fayar, Andrea Sperling, Wahila Minshall, Donna Parker, Angelee Dion, Ryan Latrielle, James Starkewolf, Armand Ruby, Nancy Ziegler, Caitlin Rose Wild, Abigail Stryker, John Archdeacon, Linda Kimball, Dana Ingersoll, Nielsen Architects, Curt & Caitlin Cournale, Gary Lehner, Jeff Ringold, Jill Hardy, John Chang


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Rachael Marshall, Kaleo Kaluhiwa, Harmony Gates, Petra Eggert, Deva Robinson, Melissa Morgan, Julie Hsieh, Sharon Slocum, Kat Kim, Valerie Sher,, Janine Evans, James Yale, Philip Turner, Steve Bowering, James Watson, De Silva Suran, Jason Machen, Shawn Crowley, Adam Coacher, Jane Simpson, Per Haaland, John Brearton, Pam Shepard, Devi Peri, Susan Teague, Ed Osgood, Heather Houston, Hannah Meck, Lisa Christiansen, Nada Meck, Johns Ruffilson, Cara Lamb, Sunny Skys, Donna Kaufman, Kevin Ball, Stefano Engle, Nicole Wilson, Randal Yokomoto, Tamara Lo, Timothy Gillett, Kelsey Schwind, Susan Marcus, Ian Stratton, Makaya Roma, Eric Buchan, Libby Armstrong, Eric Schneider, Sean Astatt, Phyllis Greenleaf