Fiscal Sponsorships

A.  Are economic circumstances standing in the way of your giving your artistic gift?
B.  Would you like a place to publicize yourself, your art, teaching, or project that’s easy and attractive?
C.  Would your friends, family, and fans be more likely to support you financially if they got a tax deduction for doing so?
D.  Would you like to get money to do your art, project, or other teaching and not have the hassle of the paperwork?

Then apply for an Under Our Umbrella Partnership!

  • We take your application and a photo and make up a promotion for you.

  • We make it easy for your supporters to support you by providing an easy donate button just for you.

  • We take care of the paperwork—we collect the donations, you get a check twice a month when you get donations during any 14 day period, and your supporters get a tax letter they can use when they file their taxes.

  • We include you in our periodic Partnership features (3,000+ members on FB, 1500 Newsletter listees, web presence) so you get free promotion and your community gets reminders about what you’re up to--and you don’t have to do it!


You get to spend time doing what you love—not what you don’t.

For example: Apply for a Partnership and tell us how you’ll use the money (I’m going to write a curriculum for classes I want to teach, I’m going to do a month-long Instagram campaign posting images of things that inspire me and illustrate my teaching, etc.)

Your partnership can be for a specific goal, project, or general support, as long as you can demonstrate that it’s in alignment with our mission.

We collect a small fee (7-9%) depending on the level of administration you prefer.

What are some grants I can apply for as an Under our Umbrella partner?

Here are some current resources and/or opportunities:

• COVID Resources for Artists & Arts Organizations
• Emergency Grant for Small Theaters
• Santa Cruz Arts Council (grantors)
• Community Foundation Santa Cruz County (grantors)

Support our Partners!


Donate to Watsonville Yoga

Watsonville Yoga, Dance and Healing Arts is the first dedicated Yoga studio in our town, and the only bilingual Yoga and dance studio in the greater Bay Area. We offer classes for the general public as well as for children, seniors and farmworkers. We also host a healing arts clinic, where you can find licensed practitioners of Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Massage, Craniosacral, Herbalism, and other health modalities. There is plenty of free 3-hour parking right around the corner on Beach Street in the city parking structure. We have an intense commitment to serving and uniting people of diverse backgrounds and ages through the time-tested practices of Yoga, the creative discovery of freedom and cultural knowledge in Dance, and the wisdom traditions of the Earth at our healing arts clinic.

Santa Cruz Circus Artist.png

Santa Cruz Circus Arts Winter 2019 Showcase. Photo: Steve DiBartolomeo, Westside Studio Images.

Donate to Santa Cruz Circus Arts

Santa Cruz Circus Arts is a family run business. We love everything circus has to offer especially the community it brings. We specialize in Aerial and Cheer. We are so excited about the Fiscal Sponsorship because we are excited to expand on what we love doing and be able to bring Circus Arts and Cheer to more people. Our mission statement is Our mission is to create an inclusive, creative space for everyone to feel welcome, inspired, and safe in learning new skills. Students of all ages, levels, and athletic backgrounds are encouraged to come join the SCCA community.

Shiva Yoga Wellness.png

Donate to Shiva Yoga Wellness

Shiva Yoga Wellness will be opening its doors soon in San Jose. We are a yoga and wellness space that offers a variety of classes in yoga, meditation, and the healing arts, including body massage.

Coming to America.png

Donate to "Coming to America"

In times like these. The Unknown. The Unusual. The non-conformist. We need ART to sustain us.

Join and support Uche Elueze as he aims to put up his one-man show in the city of Santa Cruz by the year’s end.

His show called Coming To America; not the movie is a story about his life. Being born in Nigeria and spending most of his life abroad.

The show will take place outdoors with social distancing as we try to adapt and move forward in these unusual times.

The show is a one-man solo show centered around self and how different institutions and countries have shaped his character.

It’s an immersive show with storytelling, monologues performance art, and Improv.

Uchè Elueze has been part of Santa Cruz Shakespeare and he appreciates any and all support.

Apply to be a partner with The 418 Project Under our Umbrella program