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Organize your Event Today!

Our 20,000 square-foot permanent adaptive home is available for you or your company to host your next event. Please dive in. Ask about working with one or several of our artists!

Email Executive Director Laura Bishop to find out how...

Included in Rental at
No Charge

Subject to Availability

  • Floor Cushions - 30 

  • Back Jacks - 12

  • Fans - 3

  • Stanchions - 16

  • House Lighting

  • Basic Sound

Available for Rent

  • Portable PA/monitor:  $10/daily event

  • Microphone:  $5/daily event

  • Folding Chairs: 120 ($1/chair) 

  • Folding Tables: 4 ($2/table)

  • Tiny Tables: 20 ($2/table)

  • Spotlight: $50/daily event

  • Disco Ball: $100/corporate, $50/non-corporate/daily event

  • Popcorn Machine: $200/corporate, $100/non-corporate/daily event

  • Movie Theater Quality Projector, Panasonic PT-RCQ10BU (Laser 10,000 lumen, surround sound compatible):  $200/event up to 3 hours, $100/hour after that (includes technician). This is not a DCP projector.

  • Marantz Surround Sound: $250/daily event

  • Catering and Service Area: triple sink, ice machine, staging area (not for food preparation)– $200/corporate, $100/non-corporate/daily event

Custom Sound and/or Lighting Configuration Please Inquire for Quote

Large and Small Theater Custom Sound each includes 16 JBL surround speakers, 3 behind-screen woofers and 3 tweeters

Theater Lighting Capabilities

1. ​2x Source Four 750 with 575w bulbs, with blue gel, running through a DMX dimmer pack

2. 1x Source Four 750 with 575w bulbs, with red gel, running through a DMX dimmer pack

3. 4x ADJ MEGA HEX PAR (6x 5 Watts LED), only in small theater, remote controlled

4. 8x Uking ZQ-B262-YK (36 Watts), DMX

5. Disco ball, 1 speed, DMX

6. 3x ADJ SABER SPOT RGBW (4x 15 Watts), aimed at the mirror ball, DMX

7. 2x ADJ Wifly BAR QA5, (5x 5 Watts), aimed at crowd, DMX

8. 4x CAME-TV 4-Light Fresnel Tungsten with 300w bulbs, running through a DMX dimmer pack

9. 1x Spotlight (requires a person to operate): Source Four Junior Zoom (575W bulb)

10. ​4x Stage Right Stage Wash 7x 12W RGBW moving heads, DMX

Our Floor Plan

418 Floor Plan 2021 NO TEXT.docx copy.jpg
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