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Fiscal Sponsorships Info

For artists and organizations whose mission aligns with ours, our fiscal sponsorship program provides a way for you or your organization to receive support through donations and grants, enabling you to give your gift, share your art, and make the world a better place.


APPLY it’s easy! Apply here and we will get back to you within the week. 


How it works:  when your mission resonates with ours, we can legally support you to receive financial donations and apply for grants. We take a small fee for this—7-10 percent, depending on how much support you want—and turn your money around to you within 14 days of receipt.


What you do:  apply, interview, and if you’re accepted, you provide information about what you do to us along with a photo.  You’ll get your own profile and donation button on our website, so your fans, friends, and family can support you financially. 


What we do:  we will keep your information current on our website, make sure your donations are responsibly and swiftly processed and money is passed to you promptly. We also do social media features of our fiscal sponsees to help spread awareness of your art. Finally, we provide our 501(c)3 number for the purposes of applying for grants, so you can go after grant funding.


The 418 Project’s fiscal sponsorship program started in 2001—in the past year, our fiscal sponsorship program raised over $90,000 for artists and organizations, positively impacting more than 2,500 individuals.  Don’t wait, ask us more, we’re here to help.

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