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For Artists & Diverse Communities

Artists are not only an important driver of Santa Cruz’s creative economy; their dedication and work positively impact thousands, inspiring and enlivening life, and adding a dimension of hope and humanity to Santa Cruz and our region. 


Santa Cruz’s adjacency to Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area increases our impact. When artists share their vision through teaching, performance, DJ’ing, MC’ing or other leadership roles, everyone takes away a new perspective.

Arts-Based Opportunities

Santa Cruz is now the second most expensive place to live in the US:  working artists, teachers, women and people of color are increasingly at risk.  Our mission forward programming provides artistic development opportunities, fiscal sponsorships and affordable space for teaching, rehearsal, workshops and performances, helping members of all these groups to stay in town, grow their skills and arts-based businesses, and continue to share their valued work with all.

Apply to Teach with Us

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Fiscal Sponsorships

For artists and organizations whose mission aligns with ours, our fiscal sponsorship program provides a way for you or your organization to receive support through donations and grants, enabling you to give your gift, share your art, and make the world a better place.



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