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Our Mission

The 418 Project supports emerging artists and diverse communities to create a more inclusive world

Our Updated Vision

We envision a world where all people feel safe being together

Since 1993, The 418 Project has provided affordable, accessible programming—a home where artists and entrepreneurs can grow their gifts centered around Community, Mindfulness, Art, and Embodiment.

In our new permanent home, we are committed to making a significant difference and we are humbly aiming to create equitable outcomes that benefit all people.

What does this mean?  Santa Cruz is in the midst of social and economic change. When redevelopment happens, BIPOC people, women, artists, and teachers are disproportionately affected. The 418 Project’s new permanent facility, located in the heart of downtown Santa Cruz, will serve an estimated 160,000 visits a year, becoming a welcoming home to emerging artists and diverse communities. Our artist-led, locally imagined offerings enrich everyone's lives, creating a healthier, more connected community where people feel safer together.

Think globally, support locally! It’s a great time to support a place that will make a difference, now and for generations to come. Your donation supports accessible space for diverse communities and helps keep working artists in Santa Cruz.
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The 418 Project sits on the location of Santa Cruz’s last Chinatown, and the unceded territory of the Awaswas speaking Uypi Tribe. We humbly acknowledge our role as stewards of this land; we commit to be an active part of restoration and social justice, now and in the future.

Our Journey Towards Intersectional Inclusivity

Our Journey Towards
Intersectional Inclusivity

We are actively exploring and promoting programming that engages diverse artists and communities.



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FREE for all, register for full line up and event updates

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