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The 418 Project Creative Team is Seeking:  Choreographer - 5-10 hours per week

Our Mission:  The 418 Project supports emerging artists and diverse communities to create a more inclusive world


Join our creative team and be a guiding force in the growth and mentorship of artists, empowering them to achieve their full potential. 


Who We Are:  The 418 Project Creative Team is a group of mostly volunteer contributing artists who work together to create and produce our in house shows.  Each Creative Team member brings their individual background, style and skill set to bear. Our goal:  artists helping artists.  Current specializations:  Spoken Word, Composing, Script writing, Consent/Communication, and Stage Production.  We also have an adjunct team member who is a performance coach.


What We do:  The Creative Team mentors artists as they develop original work for the stage.  Our next project is the 2024 What Is Erotic? main show, the public call for which will go out in September.  Beyond performance skills and development, we provide production training and opportunities - i.e. someone could learn make-up, set building, costuming, lights and sound, live streaming, etc. through participation in this program at an artist or creative team member level.



  • Mentorship and Artistic Development:

    • Cultivate a supportive and inclusive environment for performers, fostering their artistic growth and nurturing their talents.

    • Provide constructive feedback and guidance to artists, helping them refine their skills and develop their unique artistic voices.

    • Encourage creativity, risk-taking, and personal expression among the cast, inspiring them to reach their full potential.

    • Create development opportunities that empower emerging artists, fostering their passion and dedication to the performing arts while nurturing their growth in various dance styles.


  • Choreography and Movement Design:

    • Create captivating choreography that not only enhances the production but also challenges and showcases the abilities of the performers.

    • Utilize your expertise in at least three different dance styles to expand the artistic repertoire of the artists and broaden their skill sets.

    • Collaborate closely with directors, designers, and fellow team members to integrate choreography seamlessly into the overall production.

  • Rehearsal Direction:

    • Lead dance rehearsals with a focus on artist development, providing guidance and support to performers at every stage.

    • Foster a collaborative and respectful atmosphere where artists feel supported and empowered to explore and take creative risks.

    • Encourage open communication and actively listen to artists' ideas, incorporating their input into the choreographic process.

  • Collaboration and Team Building:

    • Work closely with the creative team to align choreography with the overall artistic vision of the organization.
    • Collaborate with costume, set, and lighting designers to create a cohesive and visually striking production.

    • Collaborate with the production team to ensure that technical elements align seamlessly with choreography, enhancing the overall audience experience.

    • Actively participate in team discussions, sharing insights and ideas that contribute to the growth and success of the company.

Must Haves:

  • Proven experience as a choreographer in at least three different dance styles (e.g., contemporary, burlesque, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, etc.).

  • Deep understanding of theatrical storytelling and the ability to express emotions and narrative through movement.

  • Excellent communication and leadership skills, with a genuine passion for nurturing and mentoring artists.

  • Ability to create a supportive and collaborative rehearsal environment that encourages artistic growth and exploration.

  • Flexibility, adaptability, and a willingness to experiment with new ideas and concepts.

  • Dedication to The 418 Project's non-profit mission and a genuine desire to make a positive impact in the lives of artists.


The opportunity and beyond:

  • Gain hands-on experience and expand your knowledge of high-quality production techniques.

  • Learn about lighting design and implementation, including the use of different lighting effects to enhance performance.

  • Participate in the process of live streaming performances, understanding the technical aspects involved in broadcasting theatre productions.

  • Explore recording and editing techniques, contributing to the creation of high-quality archival and promotional materials.


Opening:  Immediate.  

Compensation:  flexible–some team members choose not to be compensated, to be compensated with some cash, or to be compensated in trade for studio and performance space.

The time commitment is 5-10 hours a week. 

Apply by emailing your resume and cover letter as one PDF document to

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